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If you have ever wondered why it takes people so long to complete their book project or you are experiencing same difficulty, you need to take action after reading this article.

Some years ago, I had this perception that one must write for as long as two or more years for them to be called authors. This was seen in how much it takes people to write and complete their draft.

As I began to grow both in age and knowledge, I began to understand why it takes them such a long time to actualize their dreams.

You see, the truth is that less than 1% of writers are ever able to achieve their dreams. They start a book project and have it lying on their desks for as long as three, four, five years.  At the end of the day, they do not have any other option than to give up on it.

It is usually believed that the longer a project stares at its executor, the more the chances of winding up such project. At this point, the passion and motivation to kick on is lost.

And oftentimes, it’s not because they lack the ability. It’s not because they don’t have talent or skill as a writer.

No, the reason is PROCRASTINATION.

Starting the draft of my latest book and having to work on other jobs was enough reasons to put a hold on my personal project. I would have allowed my book remain in my head because it was clear that I was VERY BUSY. 

But I knew that such excuse wouldn’t only kill my dreams of writing super books, it would also limit how far I will go.

This is exactly what most intending authors pass through. They put off writing and procrastinate and then, it becomes too late to execute a project. They put off writing and lose their motivation and passion.

How then can intending authors curb this menace?

Destroy the cankerworm called procrastination. Killing procrastination is the key to success as a writer. Giving excuses isn’t. 

Imagine if you could get yourself to sit down and write whenever you needed to, I am pretty sure that your productivity would soar and you’d be done within a short time.

This does not mean that you should rush your book project. Nah! That will kill your brand. Take your time to put forth the best. However, allowing it stretch to almost two to five years is a no-no except you are writing an autobiography.

Don’t waste another second giving excuses.

Don’t allow June come to an end just like that. Don’t waste another year pilling dust on your book project.

It is not enough to dream. Hard work and consistency is demanded. Don’t let the dream of becoming an author slip through your fingers.

Remember, authors are authorities.

Kick-off that project and get it rolling.

Your book is the new complimentary card.

© Okoye, Ijeoma Dicta

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